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Publications récentes

Octobre 2017

Oral Analgesics Utilization for Children With Musculoskeletal Injury (OUCH Trial): An RCT. Sylvie Le May et al. (2017)

Septembre 2017

Learning theories and tools for the assessment of core nursing competencies in simulation: A theoretical review. Lavoie P. et al. (2017).

Nursing Students’ Perceptions of the Contribution of High-Fidelity Simulation and Clinical Placement in a Critical Care Course. Brien et al. (2017).

Août 2017

Experiences of nursing students and educators during the co-construction of clinical nursing leadership learning activities: A qualitative research and development study. Ha et Pepin (2017). 

Effectiveness of Adaptive E-Learning Environments on Knowledge, Competence, and Behavior in Health Professionals and Students: Protocol for a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Fontaine G. et al (2017).

Does age matter? A mixed methods study examining determinants of good recovery and resilience in young and middle-aged adults following moderate-to-severe traumatic brain injury.Arbour C. et al. (2017).

Efficacy, tolerability, and safety of non-pharmacological therapies for chronic pain: An umbrella review on various CAM approaches. Houzé et al (2017).

Revisiting the psychometric properties of the Scoliosis Research Society-22 (SRS-22) French version. Théroux J. et al. (2017).

Changes in Emergency Department Geriatric Services in Quebec and Correlates of These Changes. McCusker et al. (2017).

Nurse-environment interactions in the development of cultural competence. Blanchet-Garneau A. et al. (2017).

The Use of Intervention Mapping to Develop a Tailored Web-Based Intervention, Condom-HIM.Miranda J et Côté J. (2017).

Effects of Cycled Lighting Versus Continuous Near Darkness on Physiological Stability and Motor Activity Level in Preterm Infants. Lebel V. (2017).

À propos de la douleur des nouveau-nés prématurés. De Clifford-Faugère G. et Aita M. (2017).

Présentation. Numéro spécial Santé mentale au Québec. Fournier L. et al. (2017).

Le rôle des infirmières dans les services de première ligne face aux personnes souffrant d’un trouble mental courant. Charron M. et al. (2017).

Juin 2017 

Which priority indicators to use to evaluate nursing care performance? A discussion paper. Dubois et al. (2017).

Supporting nurse practitioners’ practice in primary healthcare settings: a three-level qualitative model.Chouinard et al. (2017).

A post cardiac surgery intervention to manage delirium involving families: a randomized pilot study.
 Mailhot et al. (2017).

A Case Study: Seclusion and Restraint in Psychiatric Care.
 Goulet et Larue (2017).

Applying cultural safety beyond Indigenous contexts: Insights from health research with Amish and Low German Mennonites.
 Blanchet-Garneau et al. (2017).

A Hybrid Web-Based and In-Person Self-Management Intervention to Prevent Acute to Chronic Pain Transition After Major Lower Extremity Trauma (iPACT-E-Trauma): Protocol for a Pilot Single-Blind Randomized Controlled Trial.
 Bérubé et al. (2017).

Le modèle de partenariat humaniste en sante. Lecocq et al. (2017).

Women Living with HIV in India: Looking up from a Place of Stigma, Identifying Nexus Sites for Change. 

Do Gender-Predominant Primary Health Care Organizations Have an Impact on Patient Experience of Care, Use of Services, and Unmet Needs? 

Mai 2017 

Evaluation of seclusion and restraint reduction programs in mental health: A systematic review. Goulet et al. (2017).

Identifying Quality of Life Measures That Correlate With Quality of Family Relationships Measures in Homeless Persons With Mental Illness: Avenues for Exiting Homelessness? Bonin et al. (2017).

The economic burden of nurse-sensitive adverse events in 22 medical-surgical units: retrospective and matching analysis. 

Economic evaluation of nurse practitioner and clinical nurse specialist roles: A methodological review.

Evaluation of a Web-Based Tailored Nursing Intervention (TAVIE en m@rche) Aimed at Increasing Walking After an Acute Coronary Syndrome: A Multicenter Randomized Controlled Trial Protocol

Avril 2017

Individuals with pain need more sleep in the early stage of mild traumatic brain injury

Health and legal literacy for migrants: twinned strands woven in the cloth of social justice and the human right to health care
Implementation of an integrated primary care cardiometabolic risk prevention and management network in Montréal: does greater coordination of care with primary care physicians have an impact on health outcomes?

Improving Health and Reducing Comorbidity Associated with HIV: The Development of TAVIE en santé, a Web-Based Tailored Intervention to Support the Adoption of Health Promoting Behaviors among People Living with HIV