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Publications récentes

décembre 2018

 Behaviors indicative of pain in brain-injured adult patients with different levels of consciousness in the intensive care unit. Géilinas Céline, Boitor Madalina,«...», Arbour Caroline, et al.

 Towards a better understanding of increased sleep duration in the chronic phase of moderate to severe traumatic brain injury: an actigraphy study. El-Khatib Héjar, Arbour Caroline, et al.

Delirium After Cardiac Surgery and Cumulative Fluid Balance: A Case-Control Cohort Study. Mailhot Tanya, Cossette Sylvie, «…», Maheu-Cadotte Marc-André, Fontaine Guillaume, et al.


 novembre 2018

 Effects on nurses' quality of working life and on patients' quality of life of an educational intervention to strengthen humanistic practice among hemodialysis nurses in Switzerland: a protocol for a mixed-methods cluster randomized controlled trial. Delmas Philippe, O’Reilly Louise, Cara Chantal, et al.  BMC Nurs. 2018 Nov 21;17:47.

 Formalisation and subordination: a contingency theory approach to optimising primary care teams. Contandriopoulos Damien, Perroux Mélanie, Duhoux Arnaud. BMJ Open. 2018 Nov 25; 8(11).

 Promoting home support for elderly people with neurocognitive disorders: Caregiver perception of the help-seeking process. Latulippe K., Guay M., «…», Dubé Véronique, et al. Rev Epidemiol Sante Publique. 2018 Nov 11.

Adolescents are reckless’: Representations at stake in the construction of the relationship of trust in paediatric diabetology. Fonte David, Colson Sébastien, Côté José. J Health Psychol. 2018 Nov 14.

 Efficacy of a Web-Based Tailored Intervention to Reduce Cannabis Use Among Young People Attending Adult Education Centers in Quebec. Coté José, et al. Telemed J E Health. 2018 Nov;24(11):853-860.

 How oncology teams can be patient-centred? Opportunities for theoretical improvement through an empirical examination. Bilodeau Karine, Tremblay Dominique .Health Expect. 2018 Nov 8.

 The prognostic significance of repeated prehospital shocks for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest survival. Cournoyer Alexis, Notebaert Éric, Cossette Sylvie et al.  CJEM. 2018 Nov 8:1-9

 Treatment adequacy for social anxiety disorder in primary care patients. Chapdelaine Alexandra, Carrier J.D, Fournier L, Duhoux Arnaud, Roberge P. PLoS One. 2018 Nov 5;13(11).

Vers un leadership politique des infirmières, ou comment changer les choses. Ducharme, Francine. Perspective Infirmiere, nov/dec2018; 15(5): 51-55. 5p. (Article) ISSN: 1708-1890


 octobre 2018

Acceptability and feasibility of recruitment and data collection in a field study of hospital nurses' handoffs using mobile devices. Lavoie Patrick et al.

Situated Prevention: Framing the "New Dementia". Leibing Annette

Identifying and understanding the health and social care needs of older adults with multiple chronic conditions and their caregivers: a scoping review.  McGilton Katherine S.. « … », Dubé Véronique, et al.

  Re: The Effect of Foot Exercises on Wound Healing in Type 2 Diabetic Patients With a Foot Ulcer: A Randomized Control Study. J Wound Ostomy Continence Nursing. 2018;45(2):123-130. Dufour Émilie, Duhoux Arnaud

 A reflective practice intervention to act on the moral distress of nurses providing end-of-life care on acute care units. Meziane Dounia, Ramirez-Garcia Maria Pilar, Fortin Marie-Laurence

  Characteristics of the spouse caregiving experience: Comparison between early- and late-onset dementia. Wawrziczny Emilie, Berna Guillaume, Ducharme Francine, et al.  

Early career researchers’ perspectives and roles in patient-oriented research. Rouleau, Geneviève, « … », Bilodeau Karine, et al.


 septembre 2018

How oncology teams can be patient-centred? opportunities for theoretical improvement through an empirical examination. Health Expectations, 00 :1–10. Bilodeau K, Tremblay D.

Bâtir et entretenir un réseau d’étudiants de cycle supérieur : l’expérience d’infirmières en oncologie au Canada Karine Bilodeau, et al.

Disruption as opportunity: Impacts of an organizational health equity intervention in primary care clinics. Browne Annette J., Varcoe Colleen, « … », Blanchet Garneau Amelie.

 923 Occupational health and safety issues of ethical dilemmas faced by nurses in clinical practice settings: A qualitative study. Caux Chantal, Dupuis France, et al.

Clinical nursing leadership educational intervention for first-year nursing students: A qualitative evaluation. Ha Laurence; Pepin Jacinthe

Ethical competence: An integrative review. 

Lechasseur Kathleen; Caux Chantal, « … », Legault Alain

Delirium After Cardiac Surgery and Cumulative Fluid Balance: A Case-Control Cohort Study. Mailhot Tanya, Cossette Sylvie, et al.

Reprint of: Efficacy, tolerability, and safety of non-pharmacological therapies for chronic pain: An umbrella review on various CAM approaches.

Houzé Bérengère, El-Khatib Héjar, Arbour Caroline.

 Effectiveness of an Exercise-Based Active Rehabilitation Intervention for Youth Who Are Slow to Recover After Concussion.

Gauvin-Lepage Jérôme, Friedman Debbie, Grilli; Lisa, et al

 Dignity or Dignities? When a Concept Has Multiple Meanings

 Allard, Emilie, Legault, Alain, Genest, Christine

 Comparison of the psychometric properties of 3 pain scales used in the pediatric emergency department: Visual Analogue Scale, Faces Pain Scale-Revised, and Colour Analogue Scale.

 Le May Sylvie, Ballard Ariane, « … », Ali Samina

Effect of sex on recovery from persistent post-concussion symptoms in children and adolescents participating in an active rehabilitation intervention. Gauvin-Lepage, J., Friedman, D., Grilli, L., & Gagnon, I.


été  2018

Gender-Sensitive Best Practices to Self-Manage Diabetes Mellitus Type 2: A Pilot StudyHanda Ruchika, Batal Malek, Vissandjee Bilkis, Brabete Andreea.


Positive deviance and hand hygiene of nurses in a Quebec hospital: What can we learn from the best ? Létourneau Josiane, Alderson Marie, Leibing Annette.

A Customized Intervention for Dementia Caregivers: A Quasi-Experimental Design. Wawrziczny Emilie, Larochette Clotilde, « … », Ducharme Francine, et al.

A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial of an Intervention to Promote Psychological Well-Being in Critically Ill Children: Soothing Through Touch, Reading, and Music. Janet E. Rennick; Robyn Stremler; Linda Horwood; Marilyn Aita; et al.

Pain and quality of life of children and adolescents with osteogenesis imperfecta over a bisphosphonate treatment cycle. Tsimicalis Argerie, Boitor Madalina, « … », Le May Sylvie, et al.

Effect of personalised citizen assistance for social participation (APIC) on older adults’ health and social participation: study protocol for a pragmatic multicentre randomised controlled trial (RCT) Levasseur Mélanie, « … », Levert Marie-Josée, Lefebvre Hélène, et al.

Efficacy of the Buzzy® device for pain management of children during needle-related procedures: a systematic review protocol. Ariane Ballard, Christelle Khadra, Sylvie Le May, et al.

Development and Acceptability Assessment of a Self-Management Intervention to Prevent Acute to Chronic Pain Transition after Major Lower Extremity Trauma. Bérubé Mélanie, Gélinas C, « … », Côté José, et al.

Impacts of online and group perinatal education: a mixed methods study protocol for the optimization of perinatal health services. Roch Geneviève, Borgès Da Silva Roxane, et al.

The creation and integration of a nurse educator position in two hospitals in Haiti. Mahon Abbey, Valcourt Roodeline, Merry Lisa, et al.

Introduction of a palliative approach in the care trajectory among people living with advanced MS: perceptions of home-based health professionals. Leclerc-Loiselle, Jerome; Legault, Alain.

Once upon a time: Storytelling as a knowledge translation strategy for qualitative researchers. Anne Bourbonnais, Cécile Michaud

Reliability of a Canadian database for primary care nursing services' clinical and administrative data. Dufour Émilie, Duhoux Arnaud, Contandriopoulos Damien.

Treating and reducing anxiety and pain in the paediatric emergency department-TIME FOR ACTION-the TRAPPED quality improvement collaborative. Trottier Evelyne D; Ali Samina; Thull-Freedman, « … », Le May Sylvie; et al.

The Burden of Repeat Prescribing Medications after a Related Adverse Drug Event. Welk Blayne, Richard Lucie, et al.

An unnecessary pain: A commentary on Gao et al. De Clifford-Faugère Gwenaelle, Aita Marilyn, Sébastien Colson.

Patterns of benzodiazepines use in primary care adults with anxiety disorders. Tanguay Marie-Michèle, Bernard Mireille, « … », Arnaud Duhoux, et al.

Rien ne doit se faire pour eux sans eux : renforcer la participation des demandeurs d'asile, réfugiés et migrants sans statut et des organismes communautaires dans la recherche en santé. Emilie Robert, Lisa Merry, et al.


Avril 2018

 Primary healthcare providers' practices related to non-malarial acute febrile illness in Burkina Faso. Carol Bottger, Laurence Bernard et al.

Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, 111(12), 555-563.

An Action Research to Optimize the Well-Being of Older People in Nursing Homes: Challenges and Strategies for Implementing a Complex InterventionAnne Bourbonnais, Francine Ducharme et al.

Journal Applied Gerontology.

Syndrome coronarien aigu et rôle de l'infirmière dans le continuum de soins 2e partie : la prévention secondaire. Guillaume Fontaine, « … », Patrick Lavoie et al.

Perspective Infirmiere, 15(2), 44-52.

Effectiveness of serious games and impact of design elements on engagement and educational outcomes in healthcare professionals and students: a systematic review and meta-analysis protocol. Marc-Andre Maheu-Cadotte, Sylvie Cossette, Veronique Dube, « … », Patrick Lavoie et al.

BMJ Open, 8(3), e019871.

How does questioning influence nursing students' clinical reasoning in problem-based learning? A scoping review. Sophia Merisier, Caroline Larue et Louise Boyer.

Nurse Education Today, 65, 108-115.

Doing Peer Review: Reflections From an International Group of Postdoctoral FellowsLisa Merry, et al.

Journal of Research Practice, 13(2), 7.

Développement d'un système de gestion de la performance des soins dans un centre hospitalier universitaire suisse. Joachim Rapin, Danielle D'Amour et al.

Recherche en Soins Infirmiers(131), 61-70.

Measuring the effect of nurse staffing on patient outcomes: A comment on Kim & Bae  Joachim Rapin, Cedric Mabire, Sylvie Gendron et Carl-Ardy Dubois.

International Journal of Nursing Studies, 82, 11-12.  &nb

Mars 2018

Exploration of the contexts surrounding the implementation of an intervention supporting return-to-work after breast cancer in a primary care setting: starting point for an intervention development. Karine Bilodeau, Dominique Tremblay et Marie-José Durand.

Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare, 11, 75-83.

Efficacy of a Web-Based Tailored Intervention to Reduce Cannabis Use Among Young People Attending Adult Education Centers in Quebec. José Cote, Sébastien Tessier, Hélène Gagnon, Nicole April, Geneviève Rouleau et Miguel Chagnon.

Telemedicine Journal and e-Health.

Impact of the direct transfer to percutaneous coronary intervention-capable hospitals on survival to hospital discharge for patients with out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. Alexis Cournoyer, « … » Sylvie Cossette, et al.

Resuscitation, 123, N.PAG-N.PAG.

Identification and Analysis of Factors Contributing to the Reduction in Seclusion and Restraint for a Population with Intellectual Disability.Caroline Larue, Marie‐Hélène Goulet, et al.

 Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities, 31(2), e212-e222.

Web-based educational intervention improves enrolled nurses' knowledge and performance with deteriorating patients. Patrick Lavoie.

Evidence-Based Nursing. doi: 10.1136/eb-2017-102832

Factors associated with the implementation of community-based peer-led health promotion programs: A scoping review. Agathe Lorthios-Guilledroit, Lucie Richard et Johanne Filiatrault.

Evaluation and Program Planning, 68, 19-33.

Canada's universal health-care system: achieving its potential. Danielle Martin, « … », Bilkis Vissandjee et Gregory P Marchildon. Lancet.

How Older Adults Experience an Emergency Department Visit: Development and Validation of Measures. Jane McCusker, « … », Sylvie Cossette, Francine Ducharme, et al.

Annals of Emergency Medicine.

Nursing wound care practices in Haiti: facilitators and barriers to quality care. B. A. Timmins, « … », et Lisa Merry.

International Nursing Review.


Février 2018

A sociogram is worth a thousand words: proposing a method for the visual analysis of narrative data. Damien Contandriopoulos, Catherine Larouche, Mylaine Breton et Astrid Brousselle.

Qualitative Research, 18(1), 70-87.

Comparing interprofessional and interorganizational collaboration in healthcare: A systematic review of the qualitative research. Marlène Karam, Isabelle Brault, Thérèse Van Durme et Jean Macq. International Journal of Nursing Studies, 79, 70-83.

Learning theories and tools for the assessment of core nursing competencies in simulation: A theoretical review. Patrick Lavoie, « … », Louise Boyer, « … », Caroline Larue, « … », et Jacinthe Pepin.Journal of Advanced Nursing, 74(2), 239-250.


Janvier 2018

Drawing on antiracist approaches toward a critical antidiscriminatory pedagogy for nursing.  Amélie Blanchet Garneau, Annette J. Browne et Colleen Varcoe. Nursing Inquiry, 25(1), 1-1.

Applying cultural safety beyond Indigenous contexts: Insights from health research with Amish and Low German Mennonites. Amélie Blanchet Garneau, Helen Farrar, HaiYan Fan et Judith Kulig. Nursing Inquiry, 25(1), 1-1.

Nursing Practice in Primary Care and Patients' Experience of Care. Roxane Borges Da Silva, Isabelle Brault, « … », et Danielle D'Amour. Journal of Primary Care & Community Health, 9, 2150131917747186.

Ce n'est pas la joie, tous ces cris! Anne Bourbonnais, Francine Ducharme, et al.Perspective Infirmiere, 15(1), 46-50.

Soutenir le déploiement de la prescription infirmière dans les milieux cliniques. Isabelle Brault, Andrée-Anne Desjardins, Roxane Borgès Da Silva, Carl-Ardy Dubois, et al. Perspective Infirmiere, 15(1), 46-50.

Scope of Nursing Practice in a Tertiary Pediatric Setting: Associations With Nurse and Job Characteristics and Job Satisfaction. Johanne Déry, Sean P. Clarke, Danielle D'Amour et Régis Blais. Journal of Nursing Scholarship, 50(1), 56-64.

Health science communication strategies used by researchers with the public in the digital and social media ecosystem: a systematic scoping review protocol. Guillaume Fontaine, « … », et Anne Bourbonnais. BMJ Open, 8(1),

Syndrome coronarien aigu et rôle de l'infirmière dans le continuum de soins. Guillaume Fontaine, Kim Laflamme, Patrick Lavoie, et al. Perspective Infirmiere, 15(1), 38-44.

Using a Wireless Electroencephalography Device to Evaluate E-Health and E-Learning Interventions. Tanya Mailhot, Patrick Lavoie, « … », José Côté, France Dupuis, « … », et Sylvie Cossette. Nursing Research, 67(1), 43-48.


 Décembre  2017

Does age matter? A mixed methods study examining determinants of good recovery and resilience in young and middle-aged adults following moderate-to-severe traumatic brain injury. Caroline Arbour, « … », Marie-Josée Levert, « … », et Hélène Lefebvre. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 73(12), 3133-3143.

Distraction Kits for Pain Management of Children Undergoing Painful Procedures in the Emergency Department: A Pilot Study. Ariane Ballard, Sylvie Le May, et al. Pain Management Nursing, 18(6), 418-426.

Evaluation de l'implantation de la prescription infirmière au Québec. Roxane Borgès Da Silva, Isabelle Brault, Carl-Ardy Dubois, et al. Perspective Infirmiere, 14(5), 53-57.

Identifying and understanding the health and social care needs of older adults with multiple chronic conditions and their caregivers: a protocol for a scoping review. Elana Commisso, « … », Line Beaudet, Véronique Dube, et al. BMJ Open, 7(12)

Which priority indicators to use to evaluate nursing care performance? A discussion paper. Carl-Ardy Dubois, Danielle D'Amour, Isabelle Brault, « … », Arnaud Duhoux, et al. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 73(12), 3154-3167.

Evaluation of an intervention with nurses for delirium detection after cardiac surgery. Vanessa Fraser, Sylvie Cossette, « … », et Véronique Dubé. Worldviews on Evidence-Based Nursing, 15 (1) 38-44.

Psychometric analysis of the TRANSIT quality indicators for cardiovascular disease prevention in primary care. Cynthia Khanji, « … », Johanne Goudreau, Fabie Duhamel, et al. International Journal for Quality in Health Care, 29(8), 999-1005.

Optimizing clinical and organizational practice in cancer survivor transitions between specialized oncology and primary care teams: a realist evaluation of multiple case studies. Dominique Tremblay, « … », Karine Bilodeau, et al. BMC Health Services Research, 17, 834-834.


Novembre 2017

Translating Knowledge From a Family Systems Approach to Clinical Practice: Insights From Knowledge Translation Research Experiences. Fabie Duhamel. Journal of Family Nursing, 23(4), 461-487.

Fostering development of nursing practices to support integrated care when implementing integrated care pathways: what levers to use? Caroline Longpré et Carl-Ardy Dubois. BMC Health Services Research, 17, 1-16.

Does Sleep Bruxism Contribute to Headache-Related Disability After Mild Traumatic Brain Injury? A Case-Control Study. Yoshitaka Suzuki, Caroline Arbour, et al. Journal of Oral & Facial Pain and Headache, 31(4), 306-312.

Positive deviance and hand hygiene of nurses in a Quebec hospital: What can we learn from the best Josiane Létourneau, Marie Alderson, Annette Leibing

Tailored Web-Based Interventions for Pain: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Geraldine Martorella, Madalina Boitor, Melanie Berube, Suzanne Fredericks, Sylvie Le May, Céline Gélinas

Elder-Friendly Emergency Department: Development and Validation of a Quality Assessment Tool

Jane McCusker, Minh Vu, Nathalie Veillette, Sylvie Cossette, Alain Vadeboncoeur , Antonio Ciampi, Deniz Cetin-Sahin, Eric Belzile

  L’ivabradine (Lancora™) dans le traitement de l’insuffisance cardiaque.   Roxane Borgès Da Silva, Isabelle Brault, Carl-Ardy Dubois, Motulsky A, Prud'homme A.

Structural analysis of health-relevant policy-making information exchange networks in Canada. Damien Contandriopoulos, ... Arnaud Duhoux, …, Anne Lardeux, Mélanie Perroux  et al.

An exploratory study of safety culture, biological risk management and hand hygiene of healthcare professionals. Laurence Bernard, et al.

Effectiveness of interventions during NICU hospitalization on the neurodevelopment of preterm infants: a systematic review protocol. Marilyn Aita, Robin Stremler, Nancy Feeley, Andréanne Lavallée, Gwenaelle De Clifford-Faugère

Interventions to promote or improve the mental health of primary care nurses : a systematic review. Arnaud Duhoux, Matthew Menear, Maude Charron, Mélanie Lavoie-Tremblay, Marie Alderson.

Exploratory factor analysis and reliability of the Primary Health Care Engagement (PHCE) Scale in rural and remote nurses: findings from a national survey. Julie G. Kosteniuk … Kelley Kilpatrick, et al 


 Octobre 2017

Creating an inclusive mall environment with the PRECEDE-PROCEED model: a living lab case study. Sara Ahmed, « … », Hélène Lefebvre, et al.Disability & Rehabilitation, 39(21), 2198-2206.

Potential impact of a prehospital redirection system for refractory cardiac arrest. Alexis Cournoyer, « … », Sylvie Cossette, et al.Resuscitation, 119, 37-42.

Olfactive stimulation interventions for managing procedural pain in preterm and full-term neonates: a systematic review protocol. Gwenaelle De Clifford-Faugere, Andreane Lavallee et Marilyn Aita.Systematic Reviews, 6(1), 203.

Efficacy, tolerability, and safety of non-pharmacological therapies for chronic pain: An umbrella review on various CAM approaches. Bérengère Houzé, Héjar El-Khatib et Caroline Arbour. Progress Neuropsychopharmacol Biol Psychiatry, 79(Part B), 192-205

Effects of e-learning in a continuing education context on nursing care: a review of systematic qualitative, quantitative and mixed studies reviews (protocol). Geneviève Rouleau, « … », José Cote, « … », et Carl-Ardy Dubois. BMJ Open, 7(10),

 Oral Analgesics Utilization for Children With Musculoskeletal Injury (OUCH Trial): An RCT. Sylvie Le May et al. (2017)

Septembre 2017

Prehospital Advanced Cardiac Life Support for Out-of-hospital Cardiac Arrest: A Cohort Study. Alexis Cournoyer, « … », Sylvie Cossette, et al. Academic Emergency Medicine, 24(9), 1100-1109

What can organizations do to improve family physicians' interprofessional collaboration? Results of a survey of primary care in Quebec. Kadija Perreault, « … », Roxane Borgès Da Silva, et al.Canadian Family Physician, 63(9)

 Response to the letter from Professor Helena Hachul and colleagues.Yoshitaka Suzuki, Caroline Arbour, et al. Sleep Medicine, 37, 219-220.

Learning theories and tools for the assessment of core nursing competencies in simulation: A theoretical review. Lavoie P. et al. (2017).

Nursing Students’ Perceptions of the Contribution of High-Fidelity Simulation and Clinical Placement in a Critical Care Course. Brien et al. (2017).


Août 2017

Consent to care of persons with intellectual disability in Quebec: from vulnerability to capability. Chantal Caux et Jocelin Lecomte.Salud Publica Mex, 59(4), 462-467.

Supporting nurse practitioners' practice in primary healthcare settings: a three-level qualitative model. Véronique Chouinard, Damien Contandriopoulos, et al. BMC Health Services Research, 17, 1-9.

Back Pain Prevalence Is Associated With Curve-type and Severity in Adolescents With Idiopathic Scoliosis: A Cross-sectional Study. Jean Théroux, Sylvie Le May, et al. Spine (03622436), 42(15),

Revisiting the psychometric properties of the Scoliosis Research Society-22 (SRS-22) French version. Jean Théroux, « … », et Sylvie Le May.Scoliosis & Spinal Disorders, 12, 1-7.

Experiences of nursing students and educators during the co-construction of clinical nursing leadership learning activities: A qualitative research and development study. Ha et Pepin (2017). 

Effectiveness of Adaptive E-Learning Environments on Knowledge, Competence, and Behavior in Health Professionals and Students: Protocol for a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Fontaine G. et al (2017).

Does age matter? A mixed methods study examining determinants of good recovery and resilience in young and middle-aged adults following moderate-to-severe traumatic brain injury.Arbour C. et al. (2017).

Efficacy, tolerability, and safety of non-pharmacological therapies for chronic pain: An umbrella review on various CAM approaches. Houzé et al (2017).

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Effects of Cycled Lighting Versus Continuous Near Darkness on Physiological Stability and Motor Activity Level in Preterm Infants. Lebel V. (2017).

À propos de la douleur des nouveau-nés prématurés. De Clifford-Faugère G. et Aita M. (2017).

Présentation. Numéro spécial Santé mentale au Québec. Fournier L. et al. (2017).

Le rôle des infirmières dans les services de première ligne face aux personnes souffrant d’un trouble mental courant. Charron M. et al. (2017).

Juin 2017 

La collaboration interprofessionnelle lors de la prise en charge d'un polytraumatisé aux urgences : une revue de la littérature. Alexandra Lapierre, Jérôme Gauvin-Lepage et Hélène Lefebvre.Recherche en Soins Infirmiers, (129), 73-88

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Supporting nurse practitioners’ practice in primary healthcare settings: a three-level qualitative model.Chouinard et al. (2017).

A post cardiac surgery intervention to manage delirium involving families: a randomized pilot study.
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A Case Study: Seclusion and Restraint in Psychiatric Care.
 Goulet et Larue (2017).

Applying cultural safety beyond Indigenous contexts: Insights from health research with Amish and Low German Mennonites.
 Blanchet-Garneau et al. (2017).

A Hybrid Web-Based and In-Person Self-Management Intervention to Prevent Acute to Chronic Pain Transition After Major Lower Extremity Trauma (iPACT-E-Trauma): Protocol for a Pilot Single-Blind Randomized Controlled Trial.
 Bérubé et al. (2017).


Le modèle de partenariat humaniste en sante. Lecocq et al. (2017).

Women Living with HIV in India: Looking up from a Place of Stigma, Identifying Nexus Sites for Change. 

Do Gender-Predominant Primary Health Care Organizations Have an Impact on Patient Experience of Care, Use of Services, and Unmet Needs? 

Mai 2017 

Evaluation of seclusion and restraint reduction programs in mental health: A systematic review. Goulet et al. (2017).

Identifying Quality of Life Measures That Correlate With Quality of Family Relationships Measures in Homeless Persons With Mental Illness: Avenues for Exiting Homelessness? Bonin et al. (2017).

The economic burden of nurse-sensitive adverse events in 22 medical-surgical units: retrospective and matching analysis. 

Economic evaluation of nurse practitioner and clinical nurse specialist roles: A methodological review.

Evaluation of a Web-Based Tailored Nursing Intervention (TAVIE en m@rche) Aimed at Increasing Walking After an Acute Coronary Syndrome: A Multicenter Randomized Controlled Trial Protocol


Avril 2017

Christine L. Covell, Kelley Kilpatrick et al

Internationally educated nurses in Canada: predictors of workforce integration.

Mamadou Diop, « … »,Roxane Borges Da Silva, et al:

Does enrollment in multidisciplinary team-based primary care practice improve adherence to guideline-recommended processes of care? Quebec's Family Medicine Groups, 2002-2010

Patricia Harbman, « … »,Kelley Kilpatrick , et al

 Partners in research: Building academic‐practice partnerships to educate and mentor advanced practice nurses.

Andreane Lavallee, Marilyn Aita, Anne Bourbonnais  et Gwenaëlle de Clifford-Faugere :

Effectiveness of early interventions for parental sensitivity following preterm birth: a systematic review protocol.

Geneviève Rouleau, « … », José Cote, « … », et Carl-Ardy Dubois:

Impact of Information and Communication Technologies on Nursing Care: Results of an Overview of Systematic Reviews.

 Individuals with pain need more sleep in the early stage of mild traumatic brain injury

Health and legal literacy for migrants: twinned strands woven in the cloth of social justice and the human right to health care
Implementation of an integrated primary care cardiometabolic risk prevention and management network in Montréal: does greater coordination of care with primary care physicians have an impact on health outcomes?

Improving Health and Reducing Comorbidity Associated with HIV: The Development of TAVIE en santé, a Web-Based Tailored Intervention to Support the Adoption of Health Promoting Behaviors among People Living with HIV